A Cautious Prometheus

Jul 2015 | News & Notes

 I recently was guided to Bruno Latour’s lecture from 2008: A Cautious Prometheus. The lecture is a brilliant description of design, its increased importance and saturation into the world, its promises and advantages and an interesting argument how it is in opposition to modernism.

Though he does not mention systems at all there are many things that resonate. His notion of “Thing” as a grouping of things objects meanings materiality and symbols and the need to get at grasp with this. The notion of the cautious Prometheus resonates with our credo to be both humble and brave. And in the end he asks for a way to draw the complexity of the thing and he states that the lack of such a way of drawing is the biggest obstacle. It resonates to our attempts of developing gigamapping.

Read the speach here: http://www.bruno-latour.fr/sites/default/files/112-DESIGN-CORNWALL-GB.pdf