Alpine-Urban Synergies

Oct 2022 | Design for Regions, Gigamap type: Synthesis Map

Rural alpine communities like Hemsedal in Norway, are connected to urban areas like Oslo through historically dependent relationships. Urban areas have benefited from rural resources like water, food, raw materials and recreation while small ski towns like Hemsedal have depended on ski tourism. However, instead of relying on an outdated model of dependency, how can greater synergies between alpine and urban places be activated? Increasing awareness of the current resource flows between alpine and urban at a regional and national perspective can help stimulate greater cooperation and less polarization between different communities.

Systems-Oriented Design, Oslo School of Architecture and Design
Spring 2022 Bachelor Course: Design for Sustainability Taught by Prof. Dr. Tobias Luthe and Haley Fitzpatrick
Synthesis Map content developed by:
Astrid Mathilde Andersen and Nikolai Yago Conde Graphics revised by: Haley Fitzpatrick