Beyond Products

Dec 2019 | Design for Industry, Master's Projects


Margrethe Sørensen and Marie Frogner, 2019


In today’s world, unhealthy food has become a greater challenge to public health than drugs, alcohol and tobacco combined. As consumers, we constantly hear about the importance of a healthy diet. Still, eating healthy can be challenging.

Personal responsibility is at the core of making healthy choices. However, external factors are proven to have the ability to influence the decision making of the consumer.

Grocery stores are key players on influencing customer purchase intentions and choice. Today, a wide range of methods are used within the store environment as a means for economic growth. This strategy are known to influence consumers in-store decisions.

This project has looked more closely into different grocery stores in Oslo and developed design proposals that aims to challenge triggering influences in these environments.

In addition, this project aims to get a broader understanding around consumer behavior and decision-making within the grocery store and suggest how small changes could influence healthy decisions. The research is set in the grocery store environment.