BioDiveIn installation

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BioDiveIn is a new prototype installation within the project COLife led by Dr Marie Davidová with Hanane Behnam and Maria Claudia Valverde at the University of Stuttgart. The installation was achieved by S.O.D. experimental design studio teaching at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning. We would hereby like to invite you to our opening. The prototype was codesigned through gigamapping with students and multiple stakeholders, such as landscape ecologists, near Maritim Hotel and Dillmann Gymnasium and several environment-focused local NGOs. BioDiveIn offers multiple habitats, feeding and water stations to bats, various birds, squirrels and insects.

Join the opening 18th April

The opening of the installation will be 18th April

We will have a lot of fun with gardening on the lifting platform. There will be catering from Maritim Hotel! You are all most welcome. Save the date for the 18th of April, at 15 o’clock. If you cannot make it so early, don’t worry. We will be gardening until evening. Please, let us know if you are coming.

Mob. +491728630806

E-mail: marie.davidova@intcdc.uni-stuttgart.de

The gardening event  at the opening will make the prototype come alive. We selected local honey-blooming species to extend the edible landscape of the old local cemetery this spring. The locality is extending its biotop and supports biocorridors for multiple species as it appears on the migration path in the city centre. To support urban connectivity, we are releasing D.I.Y. recipes which are accessible with Q.R. codes attached to the prototype. This is with the idea that people reproduce our design on their balconies and house walls. The recipe is published under Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0. More parametric recipes will be released soon on our blog. To engage the community in reproducing our design, we did a workshop with the local Dillmann Gymnasium with students of age 12 to 13 and placed the prototypes in their school garden. This way, the species can migrate from one habitat to another.

With the opening, the new S.O.D. studio is starting. The transdisciplinary studio course will follow the preceding studio that was focused on prototypical urban interventions for biodiversity support. The studio will be held between the programs of Architecture and Urban Planning and Masterplanning and Participation. It will focus on various ways of participation through codesign and coproduction with a more-than-human perspective. This ‘systemic design’ studio will be based on teamwork where every student will take their role based on their background. The students will explore Systems Oriented Design methodology with its tools gigamapping. We will also explore the fields of interaction design and service design through online and analogue outcomes, social events and D.I.Y. participation. The studio outputs for making the D.I.Y. recipes could widen the range of people’s participation and engagement by being optimized according to the environmental factors based on the preferences of different species in different urban ecosystems. This could improve the D.I.Y. recipes’ universality, allowing them to engage as many people as possible around the world, regardless of where they live.

The expected outputs can include cultural probes (tangible outcomes) and communication platforms that facilitate engaging experiences (for example, an app, web, and social media content) within the frame of Product-service system design (P.S.S). The studio also contemplates the register of user interaction with the outcomes through behavioural tracking technologies.

Dr Marie Davidová is an independent junior research group leader at IntCDC University of Stuttgart. She is a systemic and urban designer, architect, designer, researcher, and educator. Marie is a founding member and chair of Collaborative Collective practice design-research network N.G.O., a founding and board member of Systemic Design Association, and a founding member and auditor of Creative Systemic Research Platform Institute. Marie founded the Systemic Approach to Architectural Performance research by codesign field.

Mob. +491728630806
E-mail: marie.davidova@intcdc.uni-stuttgart.de

Project and Studio Lead: Marie Davidová – Institute of Social Sciences
Research Associates – Hanane Behnam, Maria Claudia Valverde – Institute of Social Sciences
Ecosystem Consultancy: Leonie K Fischer – Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology
Wood Workshop Consultancy: Michael Schneider and Philip Duncan – Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
Students: Thomas Fadini, Jannis Haueise, Adriana Hauke, Valentina Ferrari, Ana Patricia Ros, Nadja Vujovic, Samuel Knutelsky, Olga Wosiak, Marcelo Candìa – Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism