Birger Sevaldson

Author, Web Editor

Dr Birger Sevaldson [dipl NCAD PhD] is a professor at the Institute of Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), Institute of Design. He is trained as an interior architect and furniture designer. He has been practising in various fields of design, including architecture and interior design, furniture design, industrial design and art-based projects. He has a PhD in creative design computing and has been researching systems thinking in design since 2006. He is central in the development of Systems Oriented Design, and his research focus is to develop systems oriented design thinking and practice for meeting the increased challenges of globalisation and the need for sustainability. He publishes on various themes, including Systems Oriented Design, creativity,  and research by design. Birger is a member of the council of the Design Research Society and is the founder of the Relating Systems Thinking and Design Symposia and a co-founder of the Systemic Design Association.

By Birger Sevaldson

Designing Complexity: The Methodology and Practice of Systems Oriented Design changes the way you think about designing. Instead of simplifying, you embrace richness. Instead of controlling, you learn to live with uncertainty.