Book Launch experience

Jan 2023 | News & Notes

We had a wonderful day with the book launch of Birger Sevaldsons book

Designing Complexity: The Methodology and Practice of Systems Oriented Design.

Approximately 100 people were present either in the gallery of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design or on ZOOM. For those who missed it (and there are several who said so) we have a video. Technically not great but it should work.

Program start 00:50
Rectors welcome 1:15
Andreas Wettre Intro 2:52
Rachel Troyes speach 7:30
Birger Sevaldson in conversation with Andreas Wettre 18:00
Harold Nelson 25:10
Silvia Barbero 30:00
Peter H. Jones 36:10
Linda Blaasvær 45:11
Benedicte Wildhagen 53:10
Adrian Paulsen 1:00:5

Dinner at Noah’s