Bridging Silos

Oct 2019 | Design for Communication, News & Notes

Bridging Silos: A New Workshop Method for Training Silo Busting

With SOD, we developed a workshop method to bridge silos between different actors. The method is based partly on gigamapping and was developed under Andreas Wettre’s lead.

Disconnection between groups forced or encouraged to work together is a universal problem in the public and private sectors. It is a challenge when different organisations need to cooperate as well as when departments within the same organisation need to communicate. It is also very apparent when different disciplines and fields of expertise need to communicate and collaborate. Although interdisciplinary collaboration is increasingly urgent to solve the big problems of our times, it remains difficult, and this is our contribution so far to help to better the issue.

Although the workshops were based on gigamapping, we developed a special format to address the issue of silo bridging in a practical and useful manner.