Chalmers Workshop 24. – 25. feb 2011

Feb 2011 | News & Notes

Here you find the brief and schedule of the workshop at Chalmers Institute of Technology 25. 24. feb.

The workshop is a joint event between a group of architecture stydents under the supervision of Jaan-Henrik Kain and Systems Oriented Design at AHO

Lectures by Jaan-Henrik Kain



Lectures by Birger Sevaldson




To see the workshop brief:

Workshop brief

Each round of the workshop is one hour long on Thursday and 1 and a half hour on friday and each round is divided into three 20 (30) minutes sessions.

Follow the time exactly. If you are not finished with one task in the given time leave it and go to the next task.

Round 1

Session A) 20 (30) minutes.

Presentation and prioritation: In you map2 pull out the most important and relevant parts.

You can do this by applying the following steps:

1) Write numbers of priority on the relations

2) make a redraw or excerpt of the map. You can do this by using a transparent overlay and redraw the high priority items or you can emphasize them in other ways on the map.


Session B) 20 (30) minutes.

Use the following labels to analyse the map. In the first step only do the labelling, don’t do the following tasks. In this workshop we will only do the innovation drafts.

Z= Zoom: higher resolution is needed. Make a minimap on a separate paper for this point

P= Potential for further development: This means that the map has revealed potential in the system for improvement

SI= System intervention: A leverage point where an intervention would have substantial systemic effect.

I= Innovation found! You have found an innovation in the system These are the ones we are going to draft.

S= Synergies: you have found a potential for synergy between two or more processes, relations items or activities.

Draw these labels in different colours and with a circle around them so that they stand out.


Session C) 20 (30) minutes.

Draft sketches of the innovations you found. Make nice and well drawn quick sketches on A4 format. If the innovation is process oriented you might need to make a small story board / scenario or draw key frames.

Round 2

Switch and run the same procedure for the other schools case.

Same procedure is repeated on Friday but each round is one and a half hors and each session is half an hour..


Workshop Schedule:

Thursday 24 feb

09:15 Short intro for Chalmers students by Jaan-Henrik Kain

09:30 Lecture on Creativity by Birger Sevaldson

10:30 Break

11:00 Preparation of group work: Five groups (AHO + Chalmers)

11.30 Lunch

12:30 Group session 1

After 1 hour switch case. Each session takes up one AHO case and one Chalmers case.

15:30 Lecture on systems thinking by Jaan-Henrik Kain (for AHO students)

Going out all together, where?


Friday 25 feb

09:00 lecture by Birger Sevaldson on Synthesis

10:30 Group session 2 in new groups

After 1,5 hour switch case. Each session takes up one AHO case and one Chalmers case.

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Group session 2 continues (switch case)

14:30 Short presentation amongst the groups.

Ending 16:00