Oda Heier & Shivani Prakash 2019

A project exploring how sole proprietors in Norway can escape the trap of debt


Through the collaboration between Stimulab by DOGA (Design & Architecture Norway) and AHO (The Oslo School of Architecture& Design), we got access to this brief for our System Oriented Design project. Stimulab is an initiative by Difi and DOGA that encourages innovation in the public sector from a citizen perspective. One of the projects that received financial support in 2019 is Brønnøysundregistrene together with NAV (Norwegian Public Welfare Agency). The aim is to create a holistic service which detects and prevents citizens and sole proprietors (enkeltpersonforetak, from now on referred to as ENK) at risk of developing debt. In conversation with representatives from Brønnøysundregistrene, Ann-Christine Nybacka,and NAV Skedsmo, Linda Skalde, we decided to focus on prevention of debt for ENKs.