Rebalancing a Community:

Applying a Systems Oriented Design Approach to Local Democracy & Civic Agency in Hemsedal

Chloe Oru, Eric Michael Molumby, Joyce van Weverwijk, Sunniva Wildhagen Lislevand

How can we design processes for building civic agency and democracy by deep diving into Hemsedal municipality’s current political and governance processes and policies regarding empowering citizens’ agency and participation in shaping the way Hemsedal develops?

This master’s project addresses these questions in a profound and sincere way. It represents another step in our line of design inquiry into the relationship between design and democracy. Especially interesting is the investigation into some of the hidden power structures of a medium-sized Norwegian municipality.


Hemsedal is a medium-sized municipality in mid-Norway characterized by its ski facilities which dominate the image and the economy and power structures of the municipality.

AHO Works Award 2022