Design for Democracy Tønsberg Seminar

Apr 2017 | News & Notes

tb presentation1


19th April We were arranging a seminar as a follow up for the municipality of Tønsberg. About 25 busy staff attended the seminar which we found wonderful. In the middle sits Cathrine Heisholt who has been following the project closely and Geir Viksand, director (Rådmann) of Tønsberg Municipality.


Melina presenting in Tønsberg

Melina Hozhabri presenting her project on empathy to the audience.

After her Simon Sandovall presented his project “A Bridge Between People“.

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Alfred Clatworthy Holmen from Designit participated. He also presented two earlier projects he did as a student with Svelvik Municipality. >>>>>

After him Linda Blaasvær presented Marie Løkens project Folketråkk. And Birger Sevaldson presented Christopher Pearsell-Ross’ project Future Fest.

The feedback from the audience was that this was highly relevant and interesting. After the presentations we had a short workshop for generating ideas for participation and democracy.

tb presentation3

Melina facilitating one of the workshops

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The workshops though short and superficial because of the time-frame generated eager discussions and participations. Hopefully it contributes to trigger a process. We realize that this is work with a long horizon and that there are many issues to relate to and other discussion and ways of democracy to develop in the future.

We intend to work on with Tønsberg since both parts have now reached a bit further in knowledge and experience since we started.

Thanks to all the presenters and to Tønsberg Municipality!