Design for Democracy, update

Oct 2016 | News & Notes

Tønsberg boat tripp

This autumn we started our first Design for Democracy course!

We (or let us say the students) are well on their way after a week of boot camp in Tønsberg, a small town south of Oslo. The municipality of Tønsberg is our main partner and the aim of the project is to develop better deliberative processes in the context of city planning.

The boot camp also contained a boat trip when moving the boat to the center to function as living quarters for some of the students. Bonding and socializing is part of a living democracy based on dialogue.

To see the course description follow this link >>>>>

And yes, we intend to do more and something much bigger in that direction in the future. Stay tuned…


Design for democracy is nothing new: To get a wonderful intro watch this lecture by Victor Margolin