Designing for Democracy

Feb 2018 | Design for Democracy, Master's Projects

Thiago Freitas, 2017

This project speculates about new and improved ways in which the UDI (The Norwegian Directorate for Immigration) can work like in the future, with the goal of strengthening workplace democracy. The complexity in which the organization operates was made tangible by a process of collaborative gigamapping and by carrying out field and desktop research. The context in which the UDI is immersed in was then mapped in detail, revealing an organisation that is much influenced by the outside and with little capacity to influence it’s surroundings. By employing tools such as Dune & Rabby’s PPPP, ZIP Analysis and Systemic Impact and Threshold Analysis, a design concept was selected for it’s extensive ripple effect and relative ease of development and adoption, while also questioning established and disfunctional practices in the UDI. A service design concept is proposed as an method to discuss public management and political influence on public services.