Everybodies Choice

Aug 2012 | Design for Industry, Master's Projects

Christian von Hanno

Master theses 2012


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Through a user centred and systems oriented approach The student delivered a project that shows how Nordic Choice Hotels can use universal design for innovation and creativity. The student had to explore many new and unknown areas such as hotel industry, legislation and public web design to name a few.

Throughout the process, the student has been in contact with users, experts, supervisors and people from Nordic Choice Hotels that have provided valuable expertise and insight. Through workshops, meetings and discussions it has been the users that have lead the way to the problems and solutions. The project started of with a broad possition that resulted in a large amount of research in various fields. Using GIGA‐mapping Imade it possible to manage the complex research and keep relevant information visible and accessible for the people involved in the project. This has made it possible to communicate the project in a detailed and efficient way at different stages in the process.


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Everybody’s Choice is a concept that will make travel planning easier and provide better and richer hotel experience to all users. The concept is an answer to how Nordic Choice Hotels, with simple measures, can provide all guests a more positive and inclusive hotel experience, and make the most out of the current situation in relation to Universal Design.

Everybody’s Choice deals with the booking process and parts of the website of Nordic Choice Hotels. It shows how all users can get a better hotel experience through user friendly design, new features such as customizable guest rooms and additional services, and more detailed and accessible information.

The rooms are customizable for the needs of wheel chair users and others with special needs. But customizing the guest room is something everyone can benefit from. By letting the user adjust the lighting, room temperature and remove or add furniture in the room prior to arrival will result in a more personal and inclusive hotel experience.

Additional services such as car rental, guided tours, personal trianers or assistants for disabled people or for business people couild make travelling much easier for guests. For example; a family will be able to book a baby sitter. Or a disabled person could travel to the hotel independently from personal assistants since the hotel would provide all needed help. What services each hotel provides is dependent on the companies the hotels choose to cooperate with.



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The project resulted in a hyper customizable service where individual preferences and needs are met by the system. One scenario was a wheel chair user or a blind person who now could travel to the hotel without bringing along personal helpers.

This individualized service provides for the first time radical independence and freedom to all users, spanning from business people, families to all types of special needs.

The economy of the system is cared for by a pay by need bases and by alliances with organizations that do have objective interrests in the system.

The custimization spans from room layout and equipment to personal services provided by associated providers on an individual bases.


Text by Christian von Hanno and Birger Sevaldson

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