The ecology of fire and fire-safety

Phuc-Tan Nguyen, Pia Fleng Sandal

Systems Oriented Design                                                                    ,                                                                                  

In collaboration with a partner (www.safetyisbeatiful.com), we have found innovations in fire-safety and fire-products, and developed a sustainable business model.

The project builds on different findings, which emerged from using the GIGA-mapping-method, and is based on the belief in beautiful fire-products and the conviction that knowledge & education are the most powerful tools in fighting fires.

Among our results we have found 3 strategies: 1) customizing products 2) leasing safety-products and services 3) leasing from multiple service-areas including health care, security, safety and domestic service – thereby achieving 24h coverage. When combining these strategies over time, a sustainable business model is made.

We have also found, that displaying the products improves fire-safety and passes on knowledge. Our conceptual products motivates the user to display the products by giving the user an ownership in them, using customization, variation and identification.

scenarios web


Scenarios of products leasing system and a concept for a full service.



thumb structure_web


GIGAmap showing the landscape of fire safety.



thumb narrative_web


Flow-diagram showing the different possible narratives.



thumb businessmodel_web


The three layered business model and its implementations strategy.