There are opportunities to collaborate with the Master’s Studio at the Oslo School of Architecture.

Organisations serve as test cases for the students. Collaborations offer an experience with systems oriented design, a deep analysis of the organisation as a system and the development of possible new concepts.


ON THE SAME PAGE: In collaboration with and serving Sykehjemsetaten, the directorate for elderly homes in Oslo.

Partners in research projects

We seek organisations and institutions to develop systems oriented design research projects with external and internal funding. Collabortive partners gain from a long-term targeted collaboration


We offer a two-day test run in the form of a workshop where we work together on real problems while introducing the basic concepts of systems oriented design.

For lectures and workshops about systems oriented design contact Birger Sevaldson.

Project Partners

Long term

2019- Hemsedal Kommune

2019 – DIFI Stimulab project

2014- SEMCON AS Kongsberg

2012 – Halogen

2011-2016 The Performance Group / Rambøll

2010- Norsk Designråd

2012- Attendo

2011- 2014 Beyond Risør

2011- 2015 Kwant Controls

2011- 2015 Ulstein Power and Control

2011- 2013 RED

Short term

2019 NAV

2019 EAT

2019 Making Waves

2018 Dagens Næringsliv

2017 UDI

2017 Gjensidige

2017 Salto

2016 Fylkesbiblioteket i Vestfold

2016 Tønsberg Kommune

2015 Tønsberg Library

2015 NRK

2014 Sykehjemsetaten Oslo Kommune

2014 Furuseth Library

2013 ABB

2013 the Lillehammer Youth Olympics

2013 Dr. Charlotte Lunde

2013 ABUP

2013 Sensofc

2012 Legevakten Oslo

2012 Choice Hotels

2012 Husbanken

2012 Design uten Grenser

2011 VOSS

2011 UDI

2011 Elopac

2011 Medema

2011 Gjensidige

2011 Salto (Electrical Vehicle charging)

2011 Policy Support and UNIDIR

2010- The Performance Group

2010 Nettbuss

2010 Øyafestivalen

2009 Miniøya

2008 Deichmanske library


University of South East Norway (USN) Norwegian Industrial systems Engineering research group, (NISE) Kongsberg, Norway

OsloMET, Norway

TU Delft, Netherlands

OCAD University, Toronto, Canada



Former relations

University College of Ålesund, NTNU

Chalmers Institute of Technology

National Academi of Art and Design, Oslo

Estonian Institute of Technology

KTH Stockholm

Kolding School of Design

Syracuse School of Architecture