Implementational Maps

Dec 2021 | Gigamap Exemplars, Gigamap Type: Functional

Ideally, implementation is an integrated part of a systemic process from the beginning. If the whole system is understood well enough, implementation should go by itself or at least very easily. In reality, this is rarely the case. There are always things that are missing in the understanding of the system, things that emerge when the focus is turned towards implementation. A natural turn of events is when the process turns from imagining possible futures to working with real life implementation. Implementation can be seen as a complex process itself, and is well addressed with particular Gigamaps.

Recilient Economy Group MSOD AHO 2022

Civic Agency and Democracy group MSOD AHO 2022

Mieke Tourism MSOD AHO 2022

Ulsåk Group, MSOD, AHO 2022

Forgotten Youth Group, MSOD AHO 2022

Implementation map, Terese Charlotte Aaland AHO 2009

This map shows an implementaiton map for implementing a teaching collaboration coupled with an aid program. The map is circular indicating that the program is run in cycles and that it needs reimplementaiton for each cycle.