Process Map, “Discussion Board”, and “Action Map”

Dec 2021 | Gigamap Exemplars, Gigamap Type: Functional

This map systematises, developes and relates a documentation of a building process of an experimental installation. It worked as the central communication device and as a continuous discussion board.

The physical GIGA-map is a team work design tool. It is also timeline based and responsibility based while using prints for design questions. So, it is in fact semi-digital or if you want collage based

Action map

This map organizes and designes a design and conctruction process also showing computaitonal processes and other actions.

Scroll over the image for details. Click to view the full-size image.

Credits: Marie Davidova, Šimon Prokop, Martin Kloda (Tutors) Jiří Pokorný, Anna Hrušová, Alena Novotná, Antonín Hůla, Barbora Slavíčková, Jakub Kopecký, Jiří Fáber, Petr Tůma, Tereza Jílková, Radim Sýkora, Eliška Antonyová, Tereza Lišková, Filip Janata (Students), Universities of Liberec and Prague, 2014.