Relational Maps

Dec 2021 | Gigamap Exemplars, Gigamap Type: Structural

Three relations-oriented maps: one is developed according to the library of systemic relations, and two represent process tools.

1. Types of Systemic Relations

We tend to be object oriented and less oriented towards the relations. This map demonstrates a relations oriented mapping. The map is developed according to the library of systemic relations. This map was made by Young Eun Choi under the guidance of Birger Sevaldson.

Types of Systemic Relations Map

– Young Eun Choi, Birger Sevaldson, AHO 2013

2. Relations Oriented

This gigamap shows several of the mind switches of SOD. It started with the entities or objects which were networked with relations. From the start, the objects were written down in relatively small text. Then the first object oriented network map was dampened with a layer of transparent foil. Further analyses of existing and newly created relations were done with colour coded threads as a new layer.

The map indicates a move from object oriented to relation oriented design. At this stage, the map no longer emphasises the reading of the singular elements, but it indicates a holistic reading of the picture or figure of the system, the gestalt. The map is a process tool and not meant for communication beyond the two students who produced it, for whom the map is familiar on a detailed level.

Process tool gigamap

– Karin Backlund, Maxwell Kevin Otieno, Evelina Peterson, Chalmers Architecture, 2015

3. Object-Oriented Map

A slightly simpler and tidier relational but a bit more object-oriented map. The question is, “what is lost and what is gained?”

Object-oriented process map

– Romain Briant, AHO 2011