Haley Fitzpatrick

Haley Fitzpatrick

Project: 2021-2024

PhD Fellow

Regenerative and resilient mountain communities

Haley Fitzpatrick is a PhD student in Systems-Oriented Design researching co-creative pathways for regenerative and resilient mountain communities. Before starting her PhD, she worked as an architect in the United States and recently spent four years at Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Genova. She also co-teaches master’s and bachelor’s design studios at AHO as part of a long-term academic partnership with the mountain community of Hemsedal, Norway. Haley is a Design Associate at the MonViso Institute, where she actively explores diverse ways of mobilizing collective, place-based climate change action. She is also a Visiting Research Fellow with the Polytechnic of Turin’s SyS Systemic Design Labs and is part of the Mountain Research Initiative’s Mountain Resilience Working Group.