Mar 2017 | Design for Health, Master's Projects

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What is healthcare in the future? Design itself is an important power to make the healthcare system change a lot.

This project is aimed at exploring the future healthcare service through systems oriented design to make a holistic process and scenario of a possible future. Cardiovascular patients are one of the biggest groups in the world. I hope working with this group can bring a lot of inspiration for other healthcare issues. In this project, I use strategy design, service design and interaction design methods to create a holistic service for cardiovascular patients out of the hospital. Nowadays a lot of people are suffering from longterm diseases and having high risk of cardiovascular. Nutrition is a leverage point to address this problem. The importance of the nutrition versus medication is shifting. Longterm medication causes psychological stress. 

The goal of this project is to discuss the touchpoints between nutrition and medication to address the problems here, using system design methodology.


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