Maria Våge Traasdal

Master project 2019 SOD AHO

The public sector is complex and multifaceted. Not only is the public sector complex in itself, they are also responsible for managing a complex society. When it comes to growing up, for example, many different policy areas meet.

Families are also complex. Family life is influenced by a number of factors, which differ in each family. For example, this is about how living conditions, health status, social belonging and care situation. Some families are more vulnerable than others, and this often results in the involvement of public assistance.

These families are often in contact with many public services. Sometimes it goes so far that they have contact with up to 20 services.
The family then navigates in an overwhelming amount of contact points. It means meetings here and there, deadlines, various requirements to satisfy, phones and forms. There is a lot to keep track of, in addition to the other challenges they face in everyday life.
It requires resourceful parents who know both what they are entitled to, how they can get help and what they need help with.