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The main mission of Systems Oriented Design is to build the designers own interpretation and implementation of systems thinking so that systems thinking can fully benefit from design thinking and practice and so that design thinking and practice can fully benefit from systems thinking.



A map of the Norwegian state

Norway gov map small 

One of the SOD master students in the Design for Democracy studio of the autumn 2018 went bravely to the task of mapping out Norway as a state and organization. The map spans from the top to far down to the bottom of the governing hierarchy. Though the map is far from complete it reveals some of the immense complexity of our society. Understanding a bit of this should be valuable for anybody who regards themselves as citizens of a democratic society.

The print version of this map is 5x3 meters. Click the image to see a bigger version.

We hope to find some resources to pick this up and work on with it. It is valuable work but it takes time. After all this map of biochemical pathways took over 30 years of refinement: >>>>>


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