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Decoding Empathy

Gigamap Empathy 1 for web 1200

Decoding Empathy. Click the map to see the whole map. Make sure to studie the components of empathy on the left side of the big version of the map.


Empathy has almost become a cliché in the design world. Maybe understanding empathy better would provide more robust content to the notion of empathy and to the design work claiming it to be central in user oriented design. 

At NID in Ahmedabad India they have developed a tradition of gigamapping that is quite characteristic. It is recognised by its vivid use of metaphors, making these maps immediately accessible. A group of students under the guidance of Prof Praveen Nahar and  Sahil Thappa pulled apart the notion of empathy and revealed it as a systems of its own.

This map was exhibited at the RSD8 in Chicago. There much more to the map than what you see in the image above. Click it to dive into the information.

The NID will host the ninth Relating Systems Thinking and Design conference 13th-15th October 2020. We are looking forward to the input from the creative and vivid Indian design community.

To read more about this project follow this link >>>>>


Team: The apathetic beings
National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India

Guide: Praveen Nahar & Sahil Thappa
Team members:
Swayamsiddha, Shefali, Awanee, Supreethe, Vaidehe


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