My Last Home

Organised teamwork for a better day

A project by Åsne Kydland, Marit Støylen and Emilie Strømmen Olsen



This project was done at an elderly home with the company Attendo Care as collaborative partner. Attendo with Geir Hansen was a brilliant, innovative and advanced collaborator who provided the conditions for innovation to happen

It suggested a design for better organization of the working day of the employees. By looking at the situation of the employees and not as a user centered project normally would do at the clients it achieves a very good cost benefit factor.

The suggestion is very cheap and easy implemented and the potential effects substantial.

The system in its prototype stage is currently tested at the paulus elderly home in Oslo.

The project hasgenerated great attention and it will be interesting to follow its further development.

The project is a good case for SOD, Very Rapid Learning Processes and the development of addaptive expertice in co-operation with experts.



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The aim of this project is to create a better day for both residents and employees in elderly homes. It is proven that input and stimulus can help people suffering from dementia reduce their use of medicine, avert uneasiness as well as preventing illness. 

Our response reorganises daily tasks into distinct areas of responsibility. The goal is to give residents a richer last home, and the employees a possibility to plan their day better. Our project is a result of workshops, observation and co-creation with employees at Paulus elderly home in Oslo.



Initial GIGA-map to generate overview and a Very Rapid Learning Process



Process chart



Observations through days



Simple turnable pie diagrams used by the employees to weight their tasks



Four main responsibilities and roles



Task kart create needed buffer to achieve the flexibility to cope with unpllanned events



Making the roles visible with buttons



Work-kit used in pilot week



Adjusted work kit produced after pilot week and implemented.