AHO 2010

Risk forecast


Risk warning of oils spill

A system to calculate and evaluate risk of oil spill at the Norwegian cost including many types of organisations and stakeholders.

Diploma project

Student: Adrian Paulsen




A service-design project with systems approach, suggesting a series of interventions to create the bus experience of tomorrow.

Students: Anne Grønlund and Julie Olssøn

TIND an electric car



This proposal for an electric car detaches the electric car form its in Scandinavia humble and alternative appearance and creates the medium class car for Scandinavia. It is full of  innovations to respond to what is conceived and analysed as Scandinavian life style.

Students: Thor Henrik Bruun & Fredrik Bostad

Reclaiming urban wood waste


Second Life- Reclaiming urban wood waste

This project demonstrates the development of a new material from recycled IKEA tables to re-add  both quantitative and qualitative value to the material.

Student: Linn Tale Haugen

A systems oriented learning process


A systems approach to rapid learning processes

This project investigates a rapid learning process in design, when new materials and technologies have to be learned in a very short period of time, when innovation is at stake and when there is no time for trial and error.

Student : Ida Naomi Vidal




Information installation for the Øya Music festival
Oslo 2010

A distributed installation to increase awareness of the green profile of the festival and to change behaviour and inform about recycling and wast management. The installation is under construction.

Students: Carmen Bruno and Bo Wikstrøm