by Romain Briant

This project is the result of an original collaboration between AHO and Derek B.Miller, senior fellow at UNIDIR (United Nations Institute of Disarmament Research) and director of The Policy Lab an international research and consulting firm specializing in the design of policies and programs that improve strategic engagement with local communities. The idea of this collaboration between designers and disarmament field is totally new and aim to improve complexsystems which play a important work inpeacekeeping operation. This partnership wants to offer a proposition of how design can participate in human security. What to do? How to do it ?

This project introduces a possible answer to the questions by proposing an implementation of design methods into a disarmament process called DDR (disarmament, demobilisation, and reintegration). This system is a proposal for a software for fieldworkers in post-conflict areas. It aims at helping field workers with information access so to create good conditions to enable the development of ex-combatants future. The software is meant to give the possibility to interpret and use data in the field to support the best DDR solution.


Doc 2 web_large


GIGAmaps from the process of learning small arms disarmement. (Click image for bigger version)


Giga map fina2l web


Final GIGAmap. (Click image for bigger version)


Picture 3 web_large


Software for disarmement field workers. Software flash dummy. (Click image for bigger version)


screenshot 1 web_large


Input mode of software dummy. (Click image for bigger version)


screenshot 3 web_large


User mode of software dummy. (Click image for bigger version)