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The designerly way to work with systems

The main mission of Systems Oriented Design is to build the designers own interpretation and implementation of systems thinking so that systems thinking can fully benefit from design thinking and practice and so that design thinking and practice can fully benefit from systems thinking.



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Master Exchange students in SOD

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If you want to study SOD and you are in one of the Exchange schools for AHO you can apply as an exchange student. The deadline for applicaiton is 1st April.

To apply go to  



RSD8 IIT ID Chicago Call for Abstracts

Systems Change for Governance: Design + Networks + Activation

RSD8  Relating Systems Thinking and Design

October 17-19, 2019    IIT – Institute of Design

Chicago, Illinois, USA

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  • How can organizations engage and activate networks for reimagining livelihoods and the platforms for supporting them?
  • What is the role of leaders—including designers—in designing sustainable solutions that reimagine the interconnectivity of social, technical and ecological infrastructures?
  • How can socially-focused entrepreneurs prototype large-scale transformations that weave together new technological developments and more equitable and inclusive solutions?
  • Where might we learn from alternative or emerging models of developing and scaling access, inclusion, and equity in large-scale transformation initiatives involving multiple stakeholders?
  • What ethical and ecological principles — such as social justice, regenerativity, transparency, and “fit”— should inform how we enable systemic change in action?


Follow this link to read more and register: >>>>>



A map of the Norwegian state

Norway gov map small 

One of the SOD master students in the Design for Democracy studio of the autumn 2018 went bravely to the task of mapping out Norway as a state and organization. The map spans from the top to far down to the bottom of the governing hierarchy. Though the map is far from complete it reveals some of the immense complexity of our society. Understanding a bit of this should be valuable for anybody who regards themselves as citizens of a democratic society.

The print version of this map is 5x3 meters. Click the image to see a bigger version.

We hope to find some resources to pick this up and work on with it. It is valuable work but it takes time. After all this map of biochemical pathways took over 30 years of refinement: >>>>>


Read the report from the project here


Fully funded PhD

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Want to join the Oslo SOD team?

We are happy to announce a fully funded PhD possition in Systems Oriented design at AHO.

You will be working closely to the SOD team at AHO and the Oslo environment. You must be willing to move to Oslo for the period of four years.

Please follow this link to see the details:



We also have a 50% associate/ assistant professor in SOD announced

Follow this link to see the details






@ Home in Transition (short)



 @HOME in transition

Encouraging asylum seekers towards more self-driven approaches to navigate the unknown they are surrounded with.

Niloufar Gharavi and Melina Hozhabri

This project is the story of tackling a common affliction today which brought 2 migrant girls from Iran to each other. They shared their backgrounds, hopes, pains and skills together, forming the project which was not only a master diploma, but a real life concern for them both.

This diploma project is meant to be the first pilot of a co-development concept in transition (elaborated inside report) which happened in Norway at the Refstad Transit reception center in Oslo, during winter-spring, 2018.




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