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The main mission of Systems Oriented Design is to build the designers own interpretation and implementation of systems thinking so that systems thinking can fully benefit from design thinking and practice and so that design thinking and practice can fully benefit from systems thinking.



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@ Home in Transition (short)



 @HOME in transition

Encouraging asylum seekers towards more self-driven approaches to navigate the unknown they are surrounded with.

Niloufar Gharavi and Melina Hozhabri

This project is the story of tackling a common affliction today which brought 2 migrant girls from Iran to each other. They shared their backgrounds, hopes, pains and skills together, forming the project which was not only a master diploma, but a real life concern for them both.

This diploma project is meant to be the first pilot of a co-development concept in transition (elaborated inside report) which happened in Norway at the Refstad Transit reception center in Oslo, during winter-spring, 2018.




SOD picture book

Digging in the archive i found the old SOD picture book, a book that was never finished. It seems still worth being made accessible. It is a document of the early years of SOD. The book project was abandoned in 2010 for various reasons.

Bear with the lack of refinement and language issues. The articles are written as project deliveries form the students. The concept was that the students received a layout and format for their final short reports from their projects. In that way much work was done for the book project. Despite this considerable work was needed to finalize it, one of the reasons why this stopped. Another reason is that the projects became increasingly content rich and needed longer reports.

Looking back there where far more products than now. This is a shame because i think products deserve as much of a systemic consideration as other designs. 


The cover and layout were done by Adrian Paulsen and Christoffer A. Lange.


Cant see the pdf?: This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: >>>>>


Systems Oriented Architecture

 A SOD workshop with architecture students from the Fatih Sultan Mehmet University in Istanbul, Faculty of Architecture and Design was held at AHO the first to fifth July 2018. The workshop was joined by 22 students and two staff from the university. The group was lead by Dr. Firat Hassan Diker and Research assistant Burcu Nimet Dumlu. The workshop was held by Professor Birger Sevaldson.

The workshop 

The workshop was for training students in a systems oriented approach to architecture. This implies that they investigated and mapped out many aspects of the given case. The aspects ideally include all technological cultural and design approaches but expand to the use of the facilities both by the inhabitants but also how this affects the bigger community and how the community might be involved and included. A systemic approach to architectural design cares for the overall ecology of the project, both sustainability and social issues. The architecture would negotiate between contradictions and mediate different needs. It would also investigate how an intervention could change and adapt over time.

The case:

The task was to design an intervention in the area of Şişhane in Istanbul that helps to introduce a program to the area of integration between tourism and the traditional crafts and trades in the area. The intervention should be multi-functional creating services and ownership for many users, inhabitants, visitors and businesses.

The students were using Gigamapping and other SOD techniques, and presented a concept for an intervention at the end of day five.




RSD7 Call for abstracts


The call for abstracts is open.

We hope to see you in Turin!!!


RSD6 proceedings

 From the RSD6 exhibition.


The proceedings from the sixth Relating Systems Thinking and Design conference (RSD6) last year in Oslo are now online.

They contain the abstracts, presentations and working papers submitted after the conference. Also there are videos of keynotes and plenaries as well as sketch notes.

In addition there is an online exhibition catalogue form the RSD6 exhibition.

Go to to see the proceedings.

On the website you can also find proceedings of the former RSD conferences and the following special issues with full papers in Formakademisk journal and She Ji Journal. Find a list of these publications here:

May we also turn your attention to the next RSD in Torino 24th - 26th October Keep yourself updated on the deadlines here: 

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