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The main mission of Systems Oriented Design is to build the designers own interpretation and implementation of systems thinking so that systems thinking can fully benefit from design thinking and practice and so that design thinking and practice can fully benefit from systems thinking.

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Designing for Dignity Web-launch


Manuela Aguirre and Jan Kristina Strømsnes published their master thesis from 2012 

Designing for Dignity in a Sexual Assault Responce System on  the web.

One-week workshops

ElkjøpRottefella web


Recently I have conducted two one week workshops at the Ålesund University College ( and at the University College of Oslo and Akershus (

This one- week format has proven to be an efficient way to get an introduction to Systems Oriented design. During the week the program contains a series of lectures, tutoring and independent work. We always start with big paper formats and migrate to digital illustrating tools to produce a print out version in the end.


A short description of ZIP-Analysis and a text with rules of thumbs for GIGA-mapping is added under the GIGA-mapping menu

here >>>>>

Small Scale Energy Harvesting

small scale_energy

Francesco Zorzi from Italy was joining the Systems Oriented Design Studio in 2009 called "Challeng of Complexity"

He made a project of super distributed energy harvesting where objects collected their own energy and the surplus was stored in a "energy piggy bank".

The extraordinary nice graphics that he produced as a result from the studio have been used by me frequently to inspire and demonstrate good work.

Now it is a pleasure to learn that this work is going to be published in a new book IdN Extra - the Infographic Issue' book

See more of the graphics here >>>>>>

Cornell Lecture online


Birger Sevaldsons lecture from the 2012 Hans and Roger Strauch Symposium on Sustainable Design, "Sustaining Sustainability: Alternative Approaches in Urban Ecology and Architecture," at Cornell University 4th February 2012 is now online.

The symposium was organized jointly by the Cornell University Department of Architecture and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design Research Center for Architecture and Tectonics.

Follow this link to see the lecture  >>>>>>

Michael Hensels keynote lecture at the symposium is found here >>>>>>

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