New information on the SOD web

Nov 2019 | News & Notes

Here are some updates on the SOD web.

Since the last update a lot of things have happened. We had a very successful RSD8 at IIT institute of design , Chicago. Updates will follow and the proceedings will come online on systemic-design.net

I reorganised the gigamapping and tools section into tools and framework. The use of the term frameworks seems adequate for many of the concepts we use in SOD.

Also i added a new framework. The SOD creative process framework seems a good idea to give some more guidance for systemsoriented designers to make their way out of the jungle of complexity. 


SOD creative process framework


This is work in progress on the draft stage and if you click the image you will be taken to the shared document we are working on. It contains comments and links. If you have comments to this work you are more than welcome.


We also have published the bachelor projects from this spring here: 





More news to be pubished soon from this autumns master course and the included sustainable ski building course.