Lillehammer 2016 Winter Youth Olympics Games

Feb 2016 | Design for Regions, Design for Society, Master's Projects

 Master studio, duration: one semester

Student Sajedeh Ali

In 2007 the idea of Youth Olympic Games (YOG) became a reality by IOC (International Olympic Committee). In these games in addition to the sport competitions program, YOG features an extensive Culture and Education Program (CEP), which aims to introduce young athletes to Olympism and Olympic values in a fun and festive spirit and to raise the awareness of important issues such as the benefit of a healthy life, the fight against doping, global challenges and their role as sport ambassadors in their communities. CEP is based on five themes that form different activities. These themes are: Olympism, healthy life,skill development, social responsibility and expression.

2016 winter games are going to be held in Lillehammer and 1713 athletes – age: between 14-18 – are going to share, care and create under the CEP umbrella in a 10 days period of OL with the vision of “ go beyond, create tomorrow.” Venues are in Lillehammer, Gjøvik and Hamar although the main Olympic village is in Lillehammer. Due to the lack of accommodation around 300 athletes and officials will stay in Hamar where is in 60 km of Lillehammer.
In this project, the process started with making the GIGA-map of the project, which was created through different iterations. GIGA-map is a central tool for registering, analyzing and mapping complexity in Systemoriented design. It deals with relations playing out in structure over time. The general aim of the GIGA-map is ultimately to develop a “feel” for the overall complexity, an overview and expert intuition of the theme explored and to develop the detailed knowledge of the entities, filaments and interconnections in the field where needed and to reach a state