Manuela Aguirre on Bela Banathy, Participation and Power

Oct 2020 | News & Notes

An interesting challenge

In the Norwegian PhD dissertation, the candidate is given a title for a trial lecture to be held before the actual dissertation. The title is given three weeks before. Manuela Aguirre had her dissertation at the beginning of June 2020. To see her presentation and get access to the thesis see here.

However, the trial lecture is in itself worth a watch. The committee consisted of Professor Per-Anders Hillgren from Malmø University, Alex Ryan PhD director at the MaRS innovation centre in Toronto and Associate Professor Maya Van Der Velden from the University of Oslo. They gave the candidate an interesting challenge.

The title of the lecture given was:

How can Bela Banathy’s ideas on pervasive co-design culture be understood in relation to Participatory Design and the issues of power?

The lecture starts at around 7:00