More diagrams and “MAPPING ME!”

Aug 2011 | AHO Course Updates

Todays lecture showed a broader approach to diagramming and information visualisation at large.

The lecture is here   05_diagrams1.pdf



The task of this week, The Mega map.

Explore yourself though a system oriented approach. Your movements, the people you interact with, the objects around you, money, energy. Use rich media, tekst, images, video…etc. Make up at least one information gathering rule that you consistantly stick to. One such rule can be that you register information in predefined categories every ten minutes.
The reason for this is to turn off your relevance filter for a momen so that you not only register what you think is most interresting but that you register boring stuff so that you might find interresting patterns.

This task is meant for you to emphasize ways of gathering information.

This intense week project is here for you to test, explore (possibly fail a little) and learn more about the basic tools you have been introduced to in the first week.

Monday: intro and first tutoring.
Wednesday: Second tutoring

Hand-In/Presentation: Friday 25 Aug.