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Aug 2012 | News & Notes

30th June 2012

We are happy to publish information on two new master diploma projects from AHO:

Design for dignity in a sexual violence response system

Manuela Aguirre Ulluoa & Jan Kristian Strømsnes, 2012

This project was done in collaboration with the Sexual Assault Centre (SAC) at the Legevakten emergency hospital in Oslo. Starting this new collaboration with a field and people who have not previously considered the expanded role of design was not an easy task. It was like opening a new field for design and together with the staff from SAC investigate how design can contribute in this case. The project addresses many aspects of SAC, spanning from information to products and interior as well as processes.


1 Designing-for_Dignity_web

To read more about this project follow this link >>>>>



Everybody’s Choice

Christian von Hanno

This project looks into the relation between hotels, their booking process and the need to make solutions that fit all (Universal Design or Design for All)


Everybodys Choice nettside 600


To read more about this project follow this link >>>>>