May 2020 | News & Notes

This new PhD position in Systems Oriented Design (SOD) at AHO focuses on better understanding the drivers and mechanisms of sustainability transitions, and on creative, science-based and cooperative ways to implement solutions in the real world by systemic innovation. The PhD student contributes to research in SOD at the interlink of all AHO disciplines, explicitly collaborating with all design disciplines and with architecture, urbanism and landscape planning. A connecting topic for all these disciplines is “circularity”, a conceptual approach to creating, planning, designing and engineering systems that are regenerative and restorative by design: resources like materials, matter, energy, and bio-geo-chemicals are continuously being kept within biological and technical cycles, where no waste exists through cooperative exchange of outputs and inputs in clustered production processes. Such systems function as nature and are self-emergent and regenerative. However, in human-related systems, the aspect of social circularity remains fragmented – social circularity contains mutual benefits and learning loops that affect individual and collective action, being of critical relevance to transform our current linear economy towards more circularity.

DEADLINE 10th June 2020

START: September 2020