Special Issue on Systemic Design from RSD7

May 2018 | News & Notes

The sixth special issue in the academic design research journal Formakademisk was launched.

This FormAkademisk issue comprises articles developed from presentations at the seventh Relating Systems Thinking and Design (RSD7) symposium, held at Politecnico di Torino, Turin, 23rd-26th October 2018 (Barbero, 2018).

A second collection from RSD7 is also planned to be published in FormAkademisk in 2020, continuing the close relationship between the journal and the RSD conference series (Forlizzi, Sevaldson, & Ryan, 2017; Hensel, Hensel, & Sevaldson, 2019; Jones, 2014; Sevaldson, 2018; Sevaldson & Ryan, 2014).

The occasion of the RSD7 conference was especially important in developing systemic design, being the occasion of the launch and founding meeting of the Systemic Design Association (SDA). The SDA will act as a membership organisation for the expanding community of practitioners and researchers developed through the RSD conferences.

Editors: Marie Davidova, Ben Sweeting and Birger Sevaldson

Read the special issue here.