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Nov 2012 | News & Notes

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Recently I have conducted two one week workshops at the Ålesund University College (www.hials.no) and at the University College of Oslo and Akershus (www.hioa.no).

This one- week format has proven to be an efficient way to get an introduction to Systems Oriented design. During the week the program contains a series of lectures, tutoring and independent work. We always start with big paper formats and migrate to digital illustrating tools to produce a print out version in the end.

The students at HiALS were design engineering master students, while the students at HiOA were design master students.

The lectures are typically the following:

  1. The emergence of SOD
  2. SOD in a Nutshell
  3. Systems Thinking basics
  4. Negotiation adaptation and flexibility
  5. Synthesis and creativity

The lectures will be reformatted in the near future and published here on this web

To see more samples from the workshop below:

The guys at HiALS worked with cranes as a theme. It was interesting to see how many roles cranes have and in how many situaitons they are needed. Also it is interesting to realize that cranes are placed at critical points in transportation systems and often are the connectors between sybsystems.


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The groups at HiOA where working with different themes and in groups. Sometimes these groups formed a kind of forced relation that was difficult to exploit but also beneficial when successful.


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