PhD fellowship in Systems Oriented Design

Apr 2011 | News & Notes

Ph.D. fellowship. Systems Oriented Design

Application deadline: May 16th, 2011

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) calls for applications to one full-time Ph.D. fellowship for a three year period starting September 2011. Applicants must hold a master’s degree in industrial design, interaction design, graphic design or interior design. The successful applicant will join the research project Ulstein Bridge Concept which is an innovation project together with the Norwegian shipyard company Ulstein Group and other partners from the maritime sector.



The position is based at the Institute of Design (IDE), and requires full-time attendance, including participation in AHOs one year research education program (Research school) starting September 2011.

The design and understanding of complex systems is needed as design and contexts of use, requirements for sustainability and effects of globalization become increasingly complex. This three year position (September 2011-September 2014), funded by the Research Council of Norway (NRC), is part of a wider project into Systems Oriented Design at the Institute of Design at AHO. The project, Ulstein Bridge Concept, has as its focus the development of holistic, system oriented design perspectives on ship bridge development in the Norwegian maritime sector. New ship bridge design will be carried out that encompasses complexity and safety in very complex marine operations. It will build support for and collaboration with leading ship development partners. The shaping of design centered knowledge and processes tailored for very complex activities in the maritime sector will be generated in the project and doctoral research. Critical in the development of new ship bridges is the integration of diverse often fragmented elements in complex project based designing. Connecting various partners, expertise, cutting edge technologies, complex interdisciplinary processes and especially their visualization is therefore needed. In this regard, design and visualization skills are central to this doctoral level inquiry.

For further information about the project, please visit www.systemsorienteddesign.net

The research project will be centered around case based methods, research by design / research through design, and reflection on designing complex operations. Article based publication is encouraged as a form of thesis production, a mode well practiced at the Institute of Design. The doctoral research will involve research by design, thereby connecting theory and application in close collaboration with the wider project team and industry partners. The research will develop system oriented perspectives in design research and these will be connected back to industry and to graduate level teaching at AHO.

PhD study will commence in September 2011 with two semesters at the obligatory residential AHO’s Research school. A supervisor from within the project will be allocated in the fall of 2011.

Applicants must hold a Master’s degree in interaction design, product design, interior design or graphic design. Experience and knowledge from soft and critical systems thinking and other systems perspectives, scenario thinking and forecasting or similar would be an advantage. Design experience and practice, preferably from complex design projects, is also of importance.

Applicants are asked to provide a portfolio of their design work.

The application must include:

An application letterA fully completed application form (see below)A tentative project description of maximum 5 pagesCurriculum vitaePortfolio of design work showing five projectsCopies of educational certificates (foreign applicants must attach an explanation of their university’s grading system)2 references or recommendations explaining why, in the referee’s opinion, the candidate is qualified to undertake the prospective research at AHOIf relevant: List of publications and/or academic work that the applicant wishes to be considered by the evaluation committeeApplicants who do not have English or a Scandinavian language as their mother tongue: documentation of knowledge of English (TOEFL-test or similar)

All documents should be in English or a Scandinavian language.

Download application form.

The material will be assessed according to the following criteria:

The quality of the project description and its relevance for the research projectThe academic competence of the applicantThe applicant’s suitability within the research project

For further information, please contact:

Research administrator Birgitte Oppegaard Pollen (birgitte.pollen@adm.aho.no) orProfessor / project leader Birger Sevaldson (birger.sevaldson@aho.no)

Position & Salary:
Ph.D. Research Fellow (SKO 1017), pay grade: ltr.48 (383 700,- NOK). Normal employment conditions for state employees apply for the position. AHO has its own company health service.

Submission of application:
The application (with all enclosures) must be submitted in 5 paper copies and sent to:

Ulstein Bridge Concept – Ph.D. Fellow
P.b. 6768 St. Olavs plass
0130 Oslo Norway

In addition, the application must be sent electronically to postmottak@aho.no

In the subject field, please write “Systems Oriented Design”.

Application deadline: May 16th, 2011