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Often, we talk of research-based education, meaning that the research results are quickly reflected in education. Education-based research looks at education as an opportunity and resource for knowledge production. This is especially feasible in design because design education is project-based, and studio practice is central. Education-based research is a research design that combines individual freedom for the master’s students with the development of concepts, methods, cases and experience in practice.

A group of good students working on reflective practice in the studio, while under the guidance, observation and analysis of the educator can be a great resource. Systems-oriented design is first regarded as a design skill. This skill needs to be taught and trained. The research analysis systematises and develops the experience, theories and knowledge, as well as the methods for teaching and training the skills.

The next level of research is when a systems-oriented design is brought to the field. Company collaborations are currently implemented further to develop a systems-oriented design and help it become a tool that can aid in product and service development, making businesses thrive in a sustainable manner.

Systems-oriented design is not a fully developed concept. I sincerely encourage everybody who is interested in contributing to the development of a design proprietary approach to systems thinking and systems practice to contact me and start a collaboration with me.

The research is carried out in the context of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design and the OCEAN design research network.

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