Journal: Touchpoint, Systems Thinking in Service Design

Apr 2021 | Books & Other Publications, News & Notes

Touchpoint is back

The long-awaited issue on systems thinking in service design was just published by the Service Design Network, and of course, we find it is beautifully designed. Service Design and Systems Thinking >

The guest editors are two well-regarded academics, J. Tuomas Harviainen from Tampere University and Josina Vink, who is a graduate of an early cohort in the OCADU SFI MDes program and is now a service design professor at Oslo’s AHO.

Josina’s editorial titled “The Systems Turn in Service Design” sets out a grand challenge for both disciplines:

There is a transition underway in service design that is challenging traditional ways of working. As the scope of service design projects continues to expand, service designers are increasingly confronted by the immense complexity of overlapping service systems. Amid entangled global crises – including climate change, migration, eroding democratic norms and strained healthcare systems – there is growing awareness of the urgent need for significant societal shifts. The discipline of service design is being looked to as contributor and facilitator of these critical systemic changes.

Vink, J. (2021). Touchpoint,12 (2), p. 10

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