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Two different approaches

Two outstanding master's theses from the outer edges of SOD. They are diametrically different and excellent in each way. The first one, Lieke van Raan, is technical, diving into a large number of details needed to achieve what is the intention:...

RSD11 Brighton

NORWAY DELEGATION 2022RSD11 was in Brighton this year from 12th to 16th October. It was a wonderful experience and we thank the organisers headed by Ben Sweeting from Brighton University. We were a large delegation from Norway with our executive...

SOD Executive master (AHO)

This experience-based master’s degree is part of AHO’s further education programme and provides insight into solving complex problems by combining systemic thinking with design thinking in an innovative form of design.

About Systems Oriented Design

The main mission of SOD is to help designers to become better at dealing with very complex problems. Complex problems are described as problem fields, networks of problems, wicked problems and problematiques.


Externally financed R&D project (2017-2020) H-SEIF stands for Human Systems Engineering Innovation Framework. H-SEIF 1 was a research project aimed at developing new methods for human centred systems engineering.Illustration: H-SEIF project...

SOD is open source

If your project corresponds to all or most of the core parameters, you are welcome to reference it as a SOD project.

Students as Change Makers

What demographic is currently underrepresented in Hemsedal, yet have high potential for stimulating change? Students! From bachelor to PhD to professional executive master levels, students can operate as regenerative weavers to connect cities and...

Living with the river

Hemsila is a river in Hemsedal a mountain community in Norway. How can we design with the Hemsila river as an asset, rather than a problem, to increase Hemsedal’s resilience and regenerative capacity? By celebrating the organic nature of the...

The Mind Shifts of SOD

We need to make several small shifts in our understanding to truly grasp systems thinking in general and to start to become systemic designers.

Design for Society

Here you find projects with a societal perspective. You might also look at the Design for Democracy and Design for Planet sections, which are highly relevant to societal design.

Post SOD 2020

Post SOD er en prosjektrapport utformet som en avis, og er resultatet av grunnkurset i Systemorientert Design (SOD), 3. året design (GK6) ved Design- og arkitekthøyskolen i Oslo (AHO). Prosjektet varte et halvt semester, og delte 30 elever inn i 6...