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Analyses Maps

These maps are demonstrating how mapping can be useful in registering and analysing information. This map shows an analyses of an interview of eight users of electrical vehicles. (Raoul Koreman, Suzanne Ofte Solås, Tord Stenstadvold, Helene...

Axial-relationship Map

Fire Safety: Product service systemA clearly structured map that builds an ordered model of the information. The structure imposes a strongly guided interpretation that provides for some advantages but also comes at a cost. The structure gives the...

Comparative Map

This "comparative map" compares two different businesses along a timeline with major operations. One company is in the upper half of the map, and the other is in the lower half of the map. The interesting issue here is how the map is easily...

Composite Maps

Ship azimuth controlers for Kwant ControlsThis map consists of four different parts that are displayed together to help create a reading of the information from four different perspectives.– Cong Li, HIOA 2016

Evaluational Map

This map is made to evaluate the systemic impact of a long series of ideas in relation to a range of personas representing different customer types for a bank service. (Anna-Lisa Skoog and Beate Romslo, AHO 2014)Scroll over the image for details....

Future Scenario Map

Map showing a possible future scenario for robottic charching of electrical cars.   (Raoul Koreman, Suzanne Ofte Solås, Tord Stenstadvold, Helene Falstad, SOD bachelor studio 2017)Scroll over the image for details. Click to view the full-size...

Image Maps

Image maps for complex processesMarie Davidova suggest using images instead of abstract symbols. The intention is to add a greater level of detajl, emotions and associations. The use of images will also support sense sharing.From a workshop at the...

Implementational Maps

Ideally, implementation is an integrated part of a systemic process from the beginning. If the whole system is understood well enough, implementation should go by itself or at least very easily. In reality, this is rarely the case. There are always...


A map that is interesting in the way it creates sub fields of layered information sets. ( Linn-Hege Øverstad, Rebecca R. Larsen, Ulrikke Pedersen, AHO 2011)Scroll over the image for details. Click to view the full-size image.

Mixed Relational Maps

Policy support A mixed map of information fields that are related through drawing relational connections. The map is information oriented where "information containers" like lists, statistics, references and diagrams are interrelated within a...

Semantic Maps

These maps use language as relations. They are an expression of reasoning systems rather than an expression of world systems.Scroll over the image for details. Click to view the full-size image.

Value Map

A map that defines a set of core values (for the Norwegian police) and maps out how these corevalues are related to the global system. (Bente Moen, HIOA 2014)Scroll over the image for details. Click to view the full-size image.

Gigamap Exemplars

These gigamap exemplars are organised into three main groups: content maps, functional maps, and structural maps. They are from the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Chalmers...

Mixed Composite Map

A mixed information oriented map where there are some subfields that are developed more towards systemic models. (For SALTO, Christian von Hanno, AHO 2011)Scroll over the image for details. Click to view the full-size image.

Rich Design Research Space

The rich design research space is an inclusive methodological framework and scaffold for research by design. The rich design research space especially addresses the issue of richness in the design processes and design-led research.

Cat Drew speaks at SDA Norway

The next SDA Norway seminar is 9th September 14:00-16:00 on ZOOM. Cat Drew from the British Design Counsil is our guest presenting Beyond Net Zero, the British Design Council's new systemic framework You need to register to the event. Please join...