H-SEIF: Systems Engineering and SOD

Nov 2020 | Design for Industry

Complex Systems: Breakthrough Innovations Through People

The H-SEIF project booklet

Here is a booklet that sums up four years of H-SEIF, a research project to develop new methods for human-centred systems engineering. H-SEIF partners are the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), the main academic partner, and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), together with four tech companies, with Semcon as the project owner.

H-SEIF was an R&D initiative from the Systems Engineering (SE) environment at USN Kongsberg. This environment emphasizes systems architecting as a designer-inspired thread in SE, design thinking with long term connections to Stanford d.school, and concerns about rethinking the role of humans in engineering. Birger Sevaldson is a professor at the institute, and we are concerned about further bridging the gap between cultures that could benefit from closer relations.

The booklet reports on tools, methods and perspectives explored and partly developed in the R&D project. It was created and edited by Palak Dudani (AHO), with project management by Andreas Wettre (AHO) and illustrations © On Board Innovations. Published by USN.

Download PDF: 2020_50_Dudani_skriftserien

USN Open Archive: https://openarchive.usn.no/usn-xmlui/handle/11250/2688721

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H seif


Overview of publications in the H-SEIF Project.

H seif

Bridging Silos

This RSD8 paper describes a new workshop method for training silo-busting. It also presents a preliminary report on the results from a series of workshops on solo bridging held in the frame of the H-SEIF Project.