Systems thinkers win prices

Nov 2009 | News & Notes

In the Norwegian World Usability Day Design Competition for students, three of the five winners were systems oriented design projects. The occasion was celebrated on the 12th of November with a lecture evening, price ceremony and exhibition opening at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.


From the left: Gudmund Rebnord received an honourable mention for his project User-friendly Public Transport. Third, from the left, Christopher A. Lange received an honourable mention for his RECOLT Metabolic Vehicle. Fourth, from the left, Anne Mette Bakke received the first prize for her project Strategic Circle to Clean Water. The other winners are Kamilla Leonhardtsen and Elisabeth Skjelten.

About 120 people attended the lectures, price celebration and opening of the exhibition in the AHO Gallery.

Systems oriented design was very well received as a means to produce relevant and advanced solutions to complex tasks.