Task: Mini-map

Aug 2011 | AHO Course Updates



Mini map your breakfast! (or morning rouitine)

Focus: Exploring the use of structure in your mapping.

In this assignment we want you to mapp your breakfast/morning ruitine. Today your presentations gave us a great insight into the endless possibilities you have with your mapping structures and how they influence the communicative + explorative values. Now we want to you take this further. This task might also be a good time to more explore mixed media. (drawings, pictures, etc…)

Delivery/presentation: Thursday 18 aug, To avoid todays poor readability, please have the results emailed to me before the morning lecture starts, so i can photoshop them a little. send them to: paulsena@aho.no 

++ i will stop by Tegnesal 3 for short questions/comments ca 15:30