Feb 2011 | AHO Course Updates

Here i will collect the tasks given in the studio. You should have recieved an email with these tasks already, but here they are again collected and hopefully refined.


Istanbul: city of Complexity

The study tour will have one “commercial” tour to the spice bazaar and the grand bazaar with the back streets between,  two historic tours, one guided tour to the Topcapi Palace and ont tour lead by me to the historic part of Sultan Achmed, the old city of Constantinopøle and Istanbul.
We will see the Aya Sofia, the blue mosque, one or more sisterns, several mosques.
Depending on the appointment with the guide to the topcapi it will be three half days.
Rest of time is for own exploraiton and tasks.
Besides that you will have a task to study the complexity of the city.
find one field or topic to investigate. Investigation should include observations, sketches, photodocumentary, video and conversations with people.
Compulsary task:
Project Cases: Based on or to further explore your current knowledge of your project cases make an comparable study. (E.G. Voss = local food and tourism, Medema = mobility issues for people with functional disadvantages, No consequence = safety in hotel/tourist sites, Gjensidige = what we bring and how we transport/secure it etc UNIDIR: do ethnographies to try to interpret different culture, e.g. on the back gammon and narguile tehouses.
In addition you can do one suggested theme:
Suggested themes:
Fast Food of Istanbul: its very different than the one you find in europe.
The living bridge: investigate the bridge between beyoglu and sultan achmed as a complex system. fishing restaurant, fish market etc
Transportation: the transportation in istanbul includes a very wide range of subsystems, some old and histroic others very modern, spanning from hand pulled weel barrel to hyper modern subway.. (Dolmush, boats, orient express etc)
Specialist streets: find one street or area spesialised on goods. (The music street, the textile streets the tool quarter etc.
Religions: find different sites for religioius beliefs: Islam and different versions, The sufi, the greek orthodox, the partiarcate, the iron church.
Tourist vs Local movement:  When moving through a new city the simplest way of identifying a tourist is the way he or she walks. How they navigate and respond(or lack of response) to local inhabitants movement patterns. This could be a general analysis of street movement or centered around a specific site.
Investigating Color: Document(photo+notes) the local usage of a predetermined color in a cultural, informational or communicative sense. This could later form the bases of a comparative follow up investigation back in Oslo
You should do this simulateneously with the other activities, like when we are on the excursions keep an eye open for findings for the tasks.
Documentation we can discuss at the hotel.
Birger and Adrian




 tasks_15_2_2011.pdf  Partner contacts, ND contacts, GIGA-mapping analyses description. preparation for gothenburg workshop