Norwegian Government Map

Dec 2018 | Design for Democracy, Design for Society, Master's Projects

Democracy has to me allways been one of those words you kind of know the meaning of, but really not.
The definition is straight forward, but how the government really is made up, why beauraucracy is needed, how people across different diciplines manage to work together, why all those people cashing their monthly paycheck from the government deserves to do so or if they really do is of such a complex undertaking that it’s easier not taking the time and effort doing it.

The average norwegian hopefully knows that the Solberg Cabinet leads the council of state and that Jonas Gahr Støre is the leader of the labour-party, which is the countries largest. That Frostating is the name of one of the Norwegian second-tier courts. Or that there are 18 administrative divisions in Norway, from Finn-mark in the North to the to Agder-divisions in the south. But how the inner workings of the govern-ment is REALLY laid out, few lay men know.
In this course and during this semester I have tried to work with this complexity, building a framework to better understand this beast that is norwegian beureaucracy.

Jens Boksaspen 2018

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