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News Understandings

An explorative project on how to enable different understandingsin news articles 

All trends point to more personalize experiences, and the news media industry is not the exception. But high personalisation has had an impact on the content we have access to. People get what they want but are less confronted with the facts they are not interested in. So, how can news media outlets be part of the moving trends without falling into creating more filter bubbles to their readers?

New[s] Understandings is an explorative project developed in collaboration with the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv. Based on an explorative and systemic approach, the project works on how to enable new understandings of information.

By this, the project proposes a shift in the way we conceive digital news articles and understand them as part of a system of information. Through a more explorative navigation, readers will be exposed to other articles, helping them understand different angles of an issue, contributing in creating a more integral vision.

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