Time-line mapping

Feb 2011 | News & Notes


A while ago we had a workshop with a group of people from the Performance Group. We have established an intention to collaborate further and develop the techniques in management. In the workshop we used the time line mapping of processes that we have used successfully now for many times. This technique makes it possible to have planning and synchronising meetings with no written agenda, still the result is very focused and intense discussions.


The technique was developed at workshops with the Norwegian Design Council after they challenged me to do GIGA-mapping within only a few hours. The only preset for such meetings is to agree on the process one wants to map. Using a big sheet of paper and a time line plus everybody has markers results in lively, open ended yet very focussed discussions. The whole of the complex process emerges and is at all times accessible and easy to recall just by pointing at certain points in the map. The pointing eliminates a lot of the friction in meetings caused by slightly different interpretations. The technique helps to get more aligned and the slightly different views in a group are synchronised.


In the workshop several P points (points for potential development) and I points (innovations) were defined.

We ask for understanding that we only present these maps in very lowres versions for obvious reasons.